• Extreme Flight 69" Turbo Raven EXP

69" Turbo Raven EXP - Due October 2019

Introducing the 69” Turbo Raven EXP! This revolutionary new super light airplane designed by our good friend Cody Wojcik is insanely capable, precise, and pure feeling on just a 60” 6S power system. This aircraft is based on the short-lived full scale Turbo Raven piloted by Wayne Handley, which was initially based on the Giles G-202 with extensive use of composites, and was one of the only full scale aerobatic planes with a greater than one to one thrust to weight ratio. It was capable of full 3D flight including flying straight out of flat spins, torque rolls and stop and start vertical uplines.

With carefully analyzed moments and areas and a CFD analyzed airfoil, the Turbo Raven EXP was designed from the outset to perform best at an extremely low wing loading that would make more traditional designs feel sloppy, floaty, and imprecise. Its narrow fuselage reduces drag and keeps the ailerons in the prop blast for maximum control at near zero airspeed. Knife-edge requires no mixing and pitch response is as smooth as a pattern plane and as powerful as an Edge when you yank on the stick. Huge, counterbalanced ailerons mean the roll rate is fast but extremely predictable and consistent, and it makes rifle rolls easier than any other airplane on the market. The clean design also makes the Turbo Raven shockingly comfortable in the wind!

Paired with modern super torque mini servos such as the Savox SV-1260, The Torque 4016T-500 and 16x7 will work well, and a 6S 3700-4500 battery, the Turbo Raven offers unprecedented performance in an extremely affordable and convenient package.

Product Information


Wingspan: 69" with tips
Length: 72.5"
Wing area: 891 square inches including wing tips.
Weight: 7.4 lbs. with 6S 3300-4500 mAh battery


Power Combo
Torque 4016T/500 and Airboss 80 ESC or Talon 90 ESC using a 16x7 prop 


16x7 Xoar PJN for Torque motor


6S 3700-4500 mAh


Included in kit!


Qty. 4 mini servos such as the Savox SV-1260

Servo Arms

Qty. 3 EF 1.25" light weight servo arms for ailerons and elevator
Qty. 1 EF 3" light weight servo arms for rudder (tapped for M2)

Servo Extensions

Qty. 2 - EF 3" 28 AWG extensions for receiver-aileron interface
Qty. 2 - EF 6" 28 AWG extensions for aileron servos
Qty. 1 - EF 12" 28 AWG extension for ESC to receiver

Qty. 1 - EF 24" 28 AWG extension for elevator servo

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Extreme Flight 69" Turbo Raven EXP

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