• X-Tech Infinity 90 ARF


X-Tech Infinity 90 ARF


The Infinity 90 is a medium sized pattern model for glow or electric power.

The YS 1.10/ New YS 1.15 is the glow motor we are reccomending for this model - with this engine the Infinity truly rocks!

We also have a customer flying an Infinity using an AXI 5320/28 electric motor, with a Jeti 77 opto ESC and a pair of Thunderpower 5s2p 4,200mAh packs (to give 10s). The AXI motor is turning a 17x12 APCE prop to give outstanding performance, with endless rolling vertical climb-outs dispatched with ease! 

The Infinity is ideal for the serious pilot wanting to get into pattern aerobatics. The Infinity is large enough to be aerodynamcially efficient and present well in the sky, whilst being small enough to be inexpensively kitted out for competative aerobatics.

The laser cut construction makes for a precise and light airframe while maintaining considerable strength.  

As with all other X-Tech models, the Infinity features pre-painted fibreglass parts (cowl, spats, etc.) and an optional  comprehensive hardware pack.

Use optional canopy tint to darken the canopy further as shown in additional images.

The model is supplied as follows with a high quality extensive hardware package:

  • Laser cut airframe
  • High quality build
  • Light weight, patented covering film
  • Pre-applied adhesive trim
  • One piece pre-joined wing
  • Aerofoiled tail surfaces
  • Recessed exhaust pipe tunnel
  • Aluiminium landing gear (including wheels)
  • Pre-painted fibreglass cowl and spats
  • Tinted Smoked canopy
  • Comprehensive hardware pack (Incl. Aluminium horns & ballrace fittings.)
  • High Quality X-tech 450CC Fuel Tank including Bung, Fuel Tank Clunk & Fittings
  • High Quality Long Lasting Wheels
  • High Quality GRP Moulded Spats Including Ply Plates For Easy mounting
  • Soft Engine Mount System (Beam Mount Worth Over £40.00!!! Included In This Kit)
  • Pull Pull System
  • Fuel Tank Velcro
  • Fuel Tank Fittings Including Bung, 10CM of fuel tubing
  • High Quality Tillar Tail Wheel Assembly For Easy Maneuverability
  • Base Control Horns (Ball Raced)
  • Ball Raced Servo Control Links





YS110 (or similar)


AXI 5320/28 with Jeti 77 opto and 10s 4,200-5,400 LiPoly. 

2 aileron servos - 6kg+ each
1 elevator servos - 6kg+ 
1 rudder servo - 9kg+
1 throttle servo - standard


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X-Tech Infinity 90 ARF

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