Engine Service and Repair

Probuild Aircraft Ltd is the UK service centre for many of the leading engine manufatures from around the world. Probuild Service engines from: 3W, Desert Aircraft, Great Power, YS Yamada, Kolm Engines, DLE, GAUI G Power and OS Engines.

When sending an item back to Probuild to service, we request that a note with the customers contact information and the reason for sending it is included with the shipment. Below we have Provided our service request form for this purpose. Fill it out as completely as possible and send it to us with your engine or ignition. The technician servicing your engine/ignition will use the information to help diagnose any problems that might exist

Probuild Plane Build Service

Probuild Aircraft Ltd has built aircraft for some of the best pilots from around the world. Most recently was a display plane for Jase "The Ace" Dussia from Michigan USA to use at Weston Park Model Airshow 2017.

Labour cost for ARF Build Service:

upto 48"                 - £220 + Vat

49"-60"                   - £300 + Vat

74-78" (30-45cc)    - £500 + Vat

79"-95" (50-70cc)  - £750 + Vat

96"-110" (100cc)   - £1100 + Vat

111"-125" (150cc) - £1500 + Vat

Scratch built service:

 special quote will be needed for scratch builds due to the time


Jase "The Ace" Dussia: "My family and I have been fortunate enough to have been invited to a few different events outside of the United States. Sometimes, it can be a slight difficulty because of travelling a distant ways and not being used to the equipment at the event. However, when my dad and I were invited to Weston Park 2017 by Phil and Andy at Probuild, there was no issue. We showed up to the field on Thursday and were greeted with a 104" Extra outfitted with a DA-120 and MKS servos all around. We dialed in the throws and my personal preferences, and it was ready to go. I only put 2 flights on the airplane, and was ready for the show to start the next day. I flew a total of 9 flights during the air show on the Extra and with 20,000 spectators at Weston Park, I didn't exactly take it easy on the airframe. The 120 on pipes spinning a 27x11 Falcon put out more power than anyone needs. The airframe took the abuse every single flight and there was no repairs that had to be done throughout the weekend. We even went to another field after the event and put even more flights on it. I think this says a lot about the quality of Probuild, but one thing that maybe goes unnoticed is the helpfulness and hospitality of Phil and Andy. My dad and I, along with Noll Smith from Extreme Flight had an excellent experience thanks to these guys. Keith from Probuild was instrumental in this as well. He drove us around the UK visiting the RAF museum, southern coast, and other places. Thanks to Probuild, it is definitely an experience I will never forget!

   -Jase Dussia

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