• Realflight 7.5 with Interlink Elite Mode 2
Recreating Every Detail of RC FlightThe InterLink Elite is incredibly realistic and easy to use. It's versatile, too, with digital trims, QuickSelectT convenience, and 8 channels for full features access with no setup required. The controller is dedicated to RF7.5, so you save wear and tear on your transmitter. Plus, no batteries are required to keep the controller charged and ready. Fly with the InterLink Elite, fly with your transmitter using the built-in interface, or use the interface and InterLink simultaneously with the MultiModeT feature.


  • Over 140 aircraft-airplanes, helis, sailplanes and multi-rotors
  • Over 40 PhotoFieldT and 3D sites plus FlexiFieldT site editor
  • Game-like Challenges including multi-rotor challenges
  • RealPhysicsT 3D and TruFloT Wind Dynamics
  • TrueViewT realistic lighting and Real RenderingT
  • Reset/Rewind on the InterLink Elite controller
  • Multiplayer and MultiMode Unlimited combat
  • Onscreen camera controls and Heads-Up Display
  • Water takeoffs and landings plus night flying
  • AccuModel aircraft editor with tabbed dialogues

InterLink Elite's Controller Features

Reset button can rewind to any point in the flight or reset for a full do-over
  • QuickSelectT controls all software functions from the controller
  • MultiMode allows two people to fly simultaneously with the interface
  • Digital trims make the InterLink Elite just like a real radio


  • Welcome to RealFlight! The world's most advanced R/C simulation.  Tip fo the Day . (view video)

    Welcome Screen

    Comes up right after you’ve launched RealFlight. Options include: Tip of the Day, Shortcuts for selecting flying sites or aircraft, and a built-in video player with updated videos on essential flying skills.
  • Zoom view of aircraft in top left corner of screen (view video)

    Smart Binocular Vision

    Activates when your aircraft reaches a set distance and fades away when it’s not needed.
  • (view video)

    Enhanced NavGuide

    Powerful new editing tools let you customize the NavGuide to the way you want to fly. There are fast, easy ways to add, delete or modify what you see onscreen or restore the NavGuide to its original factory settings.
  • (view video)

    Onscreen Camera Controls

    With onscreen camera controls, you can add or move cameras without leaving the screen - or using a menu.
  • (view video)

    Water Takeoffs and Landings

    Select a seaplane or float-equipped aircraft, and you can turn ponds, lakes or oceans into your own personal runways.
  • (view video)

    Night Flying

    Orient your flight to lights on the field below. Test your skills at the nighttime 3D Obstacle Course or check out the 3D Nighttime Carnival.
  • (view video)

    Blade Stop Autos

    A risk-free way to learn how to bring a heli that has lost engine power in for a safe landing.
  • (view video)

    Heli Grapple

  • (view video)

    Overhead Site Map

    Lost? Overhead superimposes a site map over the terrain, showing your location and the location of the runway.
  • AccuModelT Aircraft Editor

    Change the wingspan, modify airfoils, convert from glow to electric, alter the trim schemes and more. Tabbed dialogues make onscreen editing easier to access.
  • (view video)

    Safety Alerts

    Provides a checklist of safe flying practices you should follow when flying your actual R/C model.
  • (view video)

    Edit aircraft quickly

    Make simple changes to a RealFlight aircraft that will accurately reflect the flight characteristics of your actual R/C model - with just a couple of keystrokes.
  • (view video)

    Loads quickly

    Makes loading a new aircraft or flying site super-fast. Just start typing the name, and choices are instantly displayed for you to select from.
  • Multi-Rotor Physics

    Flying multi-rotor aircraft is a fun and unique flying experience, and RF7.5 recreates the enjoyment of piloting these machines down to the last detail.
  • (view video)

    Sound and Motion Physics

    Enjoy more realism in sight and sound! Watch props and wheels blur while moving - and hear how the engine noise changes with RPM.
  • (view video)

    Realism on impact

    The improved physics don’t stop when you hit the ground! Now RealFlight reacts to what you do to save your heli after a hard landing or crash.
  • (view video)

    "Full Coverage" Collision Detection

    Hundreds of sensor points blanket every aircraft - providing the most realistic reaction to impacts you can imagine.
  • With TrueView (view video)

    See more - with TrueView!

    TrueView offers the visual impact of full-spectrum daylight, making everything on RealFlight appear the way it would on a day at the field.
  • (view video)

    Smoke Reaction

    Ultra-realistic smoke and exhaust is another RealFlight bonus feature. You'll see just how these effects would appear at the flying field.
  • Real Rendering On

    Boost detail with Real Rendering!

    Real Rendering reveals such fine touches as aircraft panel lines while minimizing the demands placed on your CPU.
  • Depth of Field Effect

    Keeps your model the visual focal point of your simulation - while anything that falls outside of its immediate vicinity loses sharpness.
  • HUD Cockpit (view video)

    Heads Up Display (HUD)

    Displays important information (altitude, airspeed, heading, etc.) in front of the pilot.
  • (view video)

    Moveable Camera Angles

    You can add cameras to your aircraft with the Aircraft Editor and rotate their positions with a switch or rotary knob on your controller.
  • (view video)

    Sky Grid

    You can overlay a colored grid on the sky to ensure perfectly symmetrical patterns and pinpoint entries and exits.
  • (view video)

    Graphics Settings

    You can change graphics settings with the ease of a simple slider. What’s onscreen changes as the slider moves, so you can monitor the impact of changes in real time.
  • FPV views from a helicopter and airplane are availale.  Helicopter view shown. (view video)

    First Person Video (FPV)

    FPV puts you in the cockpit for a true pilot's-eye view of your flight. Some aircraft even feature enhanced window frame, engine and other detail to increase the "in-cockpit" feeling.
  • Wingtip and Rotary Trails

    Trace your aircraft's flight path!
  • Real Rendering On

    Controller Selection

    RF7.5 makes it easy to use your radio with the interface - setup menus even include a list of popular transmitters. The bind button lets you switch SLT-compatible transmitters with one simple click.
  • (view video)

    Controller Calibration

    Keeping your controller calibrated to RealFlight is easy with the Controller Calibration menu. The wizard walks you through each step, and the calibration is automatic. The bars let you see that the sticks, switches and knobs are moving to their full extent.
  • Keyboard Commands

    Map functions to your keyboard

    Use "virtual channels" to map sim functions to your keyboard if your radio has too few channels to take full advantage of the software.
  • Unlimited Combat

    Fly any aircraft with any available weaponry, against other pilots with the same options.
  • (view video)


    Score points by being the first to fly through the floating rings - but beware of other pilots trying to shoot you down!
  • (view video)

    Hardcore Combat

    Test your survival instincts as you do battle with limited ammo and the danger of "blacking out" if you fly too aggressively!
  • Machine Gun

  • Streamer Cut

  • Rocket

  • Paintball

  • Targeting System

    Select a single opponent from any number of participants and track his or her movement throughout the virtual Combat arena.
  • Pilot's License

    Choose a name, select an avatar, and create your own profile to share - including a personal statement, flight hours logged and points accumulated in Combat Events.
  • Scavenger Hunt

    Pilot your multi-rotor aircraft around the flying site, targeting and "collecting" the items on your list in the proper order. First one to collect them all wins!
  • (view video)

    Air Race

    Fly around and through gates in a specific pattern and with the aircraft in a specific attitude. You may be required to be upright, inverted, or even knife edge through the gate. Miss a gate, or go through with the aircraft in the wrong attitude, and you'll find yourself circling back to do it again! Score is based on speed and accuracy, with different aircraft and different courses.
  • (view video)

    Balloon Burst

    Burst as many tethered balloons as you can before time runs out. Higher levels bring on more balloons, some of which may be hard to find.
  • (view video)


    Maneuver your heli or quadcopter to pick up items and re-locate them using an electromagnetic grapple. You may be on the ground or flying from inside the cockpit.
  • (view video)


    Flying under horizontal poles is the challenge, and it gets harder when you're navigating multiple poles at different heights, multiple times, with obstacles in the way - and it's all to answer the question: How low can you go?
  • (view video)

    Ring RaceT

    Test your reflexes as you pilot your aircraft through a series of rings. Your model’s airspeed increases and the courses become more and more unpredictable as you advance to higher levels.
  • (view video)

    Spot Landing

    Accuracy is just one aspect of this challenge, as it is equally important to land without damage. Large targets progress to smaller ones, with limited power or even dead-stick landings.
  • Quadcopter Trials

    The aircraft you fly is a self-leveling, X-configuration quad. Challenge 1 has you fly through a rectangular gate; Challenge 2 has you land on a touchpad. Succeeding challenges combine the two in increasingly difficult combos. There are 10 in all - and if you fly well enough on any of them, you can earn a medal and a reward: a new Quadcopter X!
  • "Ghost Run" feature on all Challenges!

    Available on all Pilot Challenges, it allows you to compete against your best times - shown as a "ghosted" version of your aircraft - to reach higher personal bests.
  • airplane hovering (view video)

    Airplane & Heli Hover Trainer

  • (view video)

    Helicopter Orientation Trainer

  • (view video)

    Heli Autorotation Trainer

  • (view video)

    Airplane Takeoff Trainer

  • (view video)

    Airplane Landing Trainer

  • (view video)

    Expanded Virtual Flight Instruction

    VFI offers coaching from expert pilots, along with videos that show the proper stick movements. Study pre-recorded airplane and heli maneuvers aimed at fliers of all skill levels, from acclaimed pilots such as Frank Noll, Todd Bennett and Jason Noll.

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Realflight 7.5 with Interlink Elite Mode 2

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