• Model Technics Yamada 20% 4.55Ltr

MODEL TECHNICS YAMADA 20% with 23% Klotz Reg Techniplate is a fuel blend approved by the UK distributor (Probuild Aircraft Ltd) for all Yamada engines. This fuel is simply the best to use in all non direct injection YS engines, We have had engines run for over 1000 hours with this fuel & all that needs changing is the bearings! This goes to show the absolute quality of this fuel in not only proven technology that has competed around the world & won major events but keeps the life of the engine in tact while providing outstanding power performance unmatched by any other competing brand Model Technics fuel is simply the best! Specs: 23% Techniplate 20% Nitro 57% Methanol

Model Technics uses carefully engineered ingredients and standards:

  • Methanol - (CH3OH) 99.85% pure. Produced to BSENISO 9002 standard and IMPCA spec and contains less than 0.05% water.
  • NitroMethane - (CH3NO2) 99.95% pure. The best commercially available spec. Does not contain the carcinogen 2-Nitropropane.
  • Anti-foaming - An Anti-Foaming agent is added to fuels.
  • EDL - A synthetic oil developed by Model Technics in 1980 and still under continuous development. Considered to be at the front of synthetic oil technology.
  • Filtration - After mixing fuels are pressure filtered to 1 micron.
  • Castor Oil - (Ricinoleic acid to chemists) Each batch is tested by Model Technics before acceptance. As castor oil is a natural product there are always variations.
  • Klotz Oils - The leading producer of model engine oils in USA. Super Techniplate contains 20% Castor oil while Regular Techniplate is a pure synthetic.
  • ML70 - Produced by G-Max in England, formulated in the early 70s.
  • Iso Propyl Nitrate - Ignition improver for diesel fuels. In world-wide short supply. A must for diesel fuels.
  • Safety - Legal child resistant closures are fitted to all polys.

SICAL additive provides:

  • Uncritical needle settings
  • Reduced head temperatures
  • Consistent smooth running
  • Noticeable power increase
  • Prolonged peak power runs
  • Smooth reliable tickover
  • Strong dependable pick-up
  • Minimal varnish and carbon
  • Superb corrosion protection
  • Extremely long engine life

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Model Technics Yamada 20% 4.55Ltr

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